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FRS maintenance division employs qualified Fire Protection Association Australia (FPAA) technicians to inspect and test fire protection systems.

After each inspection we provide comprehensive reports to our clientele outlining critical elements, which may require immediate action to help our customers achieve compliance.

Fire Rated Systems is using the latest technology to perform baseline audits, routine inspections and submitting property condition reports. This keeps all our customers informed of the current status of their sites.

If baseline data is not available at the time of inspection, we offer to establish it for our customer’s records.

We believe having all fire protection elements routinely inspected and maintained by experienced technicians is key to protect the lives and properties of our clients.

Fire Rated Systems offers routine inspections as per AS1851:2012 to the following items

Hinged Fire Rated Doors (6 Monthly) Fire Sprinkler Systems (Monthly)
Sliding Fire Rated Doors (3 Monthly) Fire Blankets (6 Monthly)
Smoke Doors (6 Monthly) Fire Extinguisher (6 Monthly)
Service Penetrations (Annually) Fire Indication Panels (Monthly)
Fire Shutters (Annually) Fire Pump Sets (Monthly)
Fire Protected Structural Members (Annually) Fire Hose Reels (6 Monthly)
Fire Protected Air Ducts (Annually) Fire Hydrants Systems (6 Monthly)

The Service and Maintenance department compliments the Construction department with support and maintenance for the equipment during the Defect Liability Period (DLP).

We work with our clients to create an ongoing partnership after completion of the DLP period to support their sites via maintenance contracts over the life span of the building.

By being involved with the installation our service staff are familiar with the sites, the equipment assets, and the client. This provides a more informed service which benefits the end user and building owner.

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