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Fire resistant door sets are constructed and tested to stop fire and hot gases spreading through an opening in a fire rated wall.

Fire Rated Systems supply and install high quality fire rated doors and frames to suit any residential or commercial project from existing buildings to new constructions.

We offer a wide range of doors and frames with fire resistant levels available from 1 – 4-hours.

FRS offers wide range of facings including:

  • MDF
  • External grade Plywood
  • Zinc sheeted and capped
  • Stainless steel sheeted and capped
  • Colourbond sheeted and capped
  • Galvanised sheeted and capped
  • Pre Primed Hardboard

NCC (National Construction Code) entails all Fire Rated Door sets to be installed in accordance with Australian Standard AS1905.1 2015 and fire tested to AS1530.4 2014.

Correctly installed fire doors:

  • Clearances between door and frame at the head and the stiles should be no more than 3mm.
    The clearance between the floor level to the bottom of the door should not exceed 10mm.
  • Door hardware should be in good working order and be tested and approved to AS1905.1 2015 and fire tested to AS1530.4 2014.
  • Doors should be self-closing and self-latching. No dead bolts or other hardware can be installed, which can prevent door from self-latching.
  • Steel door frames are to be fixed into the wall and backfilled with compliant materials for example concrete, mortar, plaster, or other tested prototype specifications.
  • On completion of installation, all fire door sets should have metal tags affixed to certify as per AS1905.1 2015.

FRS can supply and install the following hardware to any size project to meet any specification and provide all associated Warranties:

  • EMF Door closers
  • Door closers
  • Mortice locks and lever sets
  • Night latches
  • Cylindrical locksets
  • Panic bars (single and double applications)
  • Smoke seals
  • Fire rated meeting stiles for pairs of doors
  • Astragal seals
  • Auto flush bolts
  • Head latches & roller bolts
  • Sequence selectors
  • Strike shields
  • Threshold plates
  • Kick plates
  • Door Stops
  • Eye viewers

All hardware supplied is tested and installed to Australian Standard AS1530 part 4 and AS1905 Part 1.

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