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Smoke doors could be either a solid core or a fire-resistant door fitted with smoke seals and must comply with AS6905-2007.
Smoke seals protect exposed places of the door set such as:

  • Gap between door and frame
  • Gap between glazed openings
  • Gap at the bottom of the door
  • Any other areas of potential structural leakage

Smoke doors play an important role in every building, as they prevent smoke from passing through one side of the door to the other, where employees, residents or the public could be at risk.

The solid core door is a versatile door for internal and external use in industrial, commercial and residential applications.

Solid core doors contain timber strips that applied to form a frame around particleboard infill.

Variable finishes provide a professional look while maintaining functionality, durability, and security.

Doors are available as single leaf or pair leaf, finished in a variety of facings:

  • MDF
  • External grade plywood
  • Zinc sheeted and capped
  • Stainless steel sheeted and capped
  • Colourbond sheeted and capped
  • Galvanised sheeted and capped
  • Pre primed hardboard
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