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Adante Hotel

Project Name: Adante Hotel
Year of Completion: 2022
Builder: Jaxon
Project value: $90 million

Location: 900 Hay St, Perth WA 6000

Colourful and soulful, the 250-room Adnate hotel is an open invitation of hospitality and discovery, with city views, outdoor pool, restaurant, bar and gym. In the lobby, two original canvases greet with awe-inducing detail, while two large-scale murals and 650 giclée prints of Adnate’s most-recognised works weave their way throughout. And, as always, our complimentary art tours, in-room art channels and art libraries provide the perfect opportunity to broaden your creative horizons.

Fire Rated Systems were engaged to:
Supply and installation of firestopping to electrical and wet fire service penetrations and repairs of fire rated doors.

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